Twisty Star Rattler

Start with a cube, carve a rhombic dodecahedron.  Carve that into the compound of a cube and an octahedron.  Carve the cube into a star tetrahedron and hollow out the octahedron.  Make the octahedral frame into 3 interlocking squares, and make the star tetrahedron into a trippy twisty star rattler-then you got what you see here. . .

There you have it, 100 hours later!


Hi Adam! I really enjoy your carvings and garden structures and I admire the discipline you evidence in the time taken to do the work.
Are you familiar with “Rattleback” the Noah’s Arc characteristic? Very interesting. I enjoy the 13 stellar directed pine pole construction of the inverted native vortex sleeping chamber called a ‘Tipi” and the hole in the top for the soul to astrally travel through during our sleeping dream state.
Thanks again for your work!
Take care,
Darren Walker P.Eng

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