Double Twist Dreamweaver

This dreamweaver is a double twist, whereas the previously posted dreamweaver has a single twist.  This one is pretty far out.  It’s like it’s got tunneling wormholes running through it.  The frame is 6 circles, 30 inch diameter, weaving around each other to create a spherical icosidodecahedron.  The different images were generated simply by slowly rotating the whole thing, taking pictures every 72 degrees or so.  With such curving spirals, imagine if there were LED’s at each node, pulsing to send ‘light waves’ through all the twists and turns. . .

IMG_0771IMG_0772IMG_0773IMG_0774IMG_0770I think you have to see them in person to really grasp the forms, but I hope these pictures convey some of the mystery and magic that are these forms.

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