Stone Polyhedra

My first stone carvings!  Done with a flat grinding wheel.  I’m very excited to be entering the lapidary world. . . These are all dodecahedra and cubeoctahedra.  I collected most of the stones worked, which include agate from the Willamette River, obsidian, petrified wood, sunstone, quartz and labradorite.

The Dodecahedron LineUp, left to right; petrified wood, obsidian, carnelian agate,  other agate, sunstone and opal.  The size range is about inch and a half down to quarter inch.  The tiny opal was pretty tricky being so small, and the relatively huge petrified wood took about 8 to 10 hours of grinding!  Ah, good new fun

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OMG! I have to have some more of your stuff! Am tempted to offer you flight to BFLO for Grandpa bday celebration in exchange for a garden creation at my house!

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